Septarian Stone - The strength and beauty of Dragons

November 10, 2017

The Earth gives us so much in beauty, and in seems lately she is giving us even more of the wonderful crystals we know, and some we are not very familiar with. As modern explorers continue across the planet, new stones and minerals will continue to be found, and as we continue to use these stones, we will find how they affect us, and how we can use them.


Dragon Septarian is one of those stones that has been around for awhile, but it seems a lot of people don't know much about it. First, a little about the stone itself: the name probably comes from the Latin for 'partition', not 'seven' as you may read elsewhere. The stones don't always break into seven-sided pieces, or form septa-grams on the surface. That's just silly.


It is a mix of yellow calcite, brown aragonite, gray limestone, and white or sometimes clear barite. As such, it will display the metaphysical properties of all these stones.


Dragon Septarian is #grounding and #nurturing, helping one to achieve and hold better #tolerance and #patience; it is a #calming stone. It helps one with #emotional flexibility: when you are being too rigid, won't let yourself be swayed because "you just can't" when you know you should be able to bend a little, this stone will help you.


Septarian is beneficial to overall health and well being; it helps bring joy and #spiritual uplifting to the user. It is also great at helping one in #communicating with Mother Earth.


No advice given in this blog is meant to replace competent medical advice given from a medical professional. If you are ill, seek professional medical advice. Crystal/mineral therapies are meant as a supplement to, not a replacement for, licensed medical practices. 




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