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January 28, 2018

Some of you may be a bit curious about who is writing this stuff, so before we get too many months into it I am going to throw this into the mix - the first and last time :)

My name is Steve Barr, and I retired from "the workforce" in October of 2016. My wife, Lynn, was forced to retire a couple years prior due to health issues, and I thought hey, we saved long and hard to do it, so lets do it. Here are a couple of pictures of us...


So, not wanting to sit around being bored, we countinued to sell a few crystals and rocks at our local psychic fair... something we had started doing at some point a year or so earlier.

I say a year or so, because honestly - we are not sure exactly when we started to sell crystals, or why, it just kind of happened. I had been buying cabs and crystals to make jewelry for several years, thinking "someday...", but it just never really got a start that way. We felt a need to provide a service, so we started to provide one, and it just went from there...

Anyway, after I retired, we would set up our little display once a month and sell our wares (Lynn makes more jewelry - and I will admit probably better than me - "Lynn did it!") and chat with people and have a good time.

But Spirit or the Universe or whatever you want to call it had more in mind for us!

We were asked to cover for a two day event (show/sale) for a dealer that couldn't make it to our local shop for personal reasons, so we gathered up a bunch of stuff we had - turns out we had a lot! - and did the ahow, and had a really, really good time.

AND people liked the quality of of wares, our crystals and jewelry, and we really enjoyed doing the show and sale.

So thats how it got started. We are still learning, I don't pretend to be the ultimate authority on all things crystal. This is a journey that we are taking together, and as I continue to learn I will continue to share. 

Hopefully, one day, we can talk about rocks and crystals face to face. Until then, Peace and Blessings.

Steve Barr

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