Selenite - Light, Clean, Protect, Heal

February 17, 2018


What is commonly referred to as Selenite in the metaphysical or New Age community is in fact Satin Spar Gypsum, a first cousin to true Selenite. Does it make any big difference? Only if you are a geologist or a 'purist'.

Selenite, Satin Spar, Desert Rose & Gypsum Flower are all known under the generic name of Selenite - and they all possess the same properties.

 Actual Selenite is the crystalline form of gypsum and is often found forming sheets or panes. Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, it has no relation selenium, also named after her, nor to moonstone.

Photos: Top - Satin Spar Wands or Logs 

Center: Selenite Crystal

Bottom: Desert Rose

Selenite (in one of its forms) is one of the stones or minerals that belongs in everyones possesion. It vibrates at an extremely high rate, and as such is one of those stones that never needs cleaning as negative energy simply can not attach to it. It is excellent at #repelling negative energies, #protecting, #clearing a person or a space, cleaning other stones (see below) and bringing Spiritual/Divine Light into any place.

Selenite is stongly associted with the 7th or Crown Chakra and the 6th Chakra or Third Eye, and may be used to help one #open oneself to Spirit or #develop innate telepathic/channeling abilities.

Placing pieces of Selenite over doorways/entryways into dwellings and/or at the four corners of your home with intent provides #fantastic protection against negative energies (and sometimes people) coming into your home.

Selenite also works with and #enhances mental clarification, helping one to avoid confusion over decisions and "showing the path" one needs to follow in some instances, helping you to direct your thoughts and emotions clearly.

As for the healing benefits of Selenite, its ability to bring light into, and balance, the aura will benefit the entire physical body as it clears blockages throughout the entire system. As Selenite clears blockages, it is good as an aid in healing illnesses related to blockages on both the physical and emotional levels.

Satin Spar Gypsum (Selenite Wands/Logs) is associated with the skeletal system and spine

I recommend that for extended use, Selenite be paired with a grounding stone to keep yourself in balance (as above - so below), like Black Tourmaline, Red or Gold Tigereye, Hematite, or something similar.

Using Selenite in conjunction with other stones only enhances their abilities, as the vibration of this stone is so high. It can be paired with anything to be used as a healing tool.

To #Clean Your Aura: Take your Selenite wand (or other) and, starting over the top of your head, gently sweep down one side of your body with the intent of clearing away any negative energies that are 'clinging' to you. When you reach your feet visualize the negative energies being pulled to the molten core of the earth, where they are transformed with Love to positive energies to sustain the Earth. Repeat down the other side of your body. You may also do this for other people.

To Clean Your Stones: Simply set them on, or next to, your Selenite. The high vibration of the Selenite will dispel any negative energies from your other stones, Leave them there for several hours, or overnight. Citrine will also clean your stones like this.


Having a small piece of Selenite near your bed (or head) while sleeping may enhace your dreamwork, help prevent "bad" dreams, and provide protection from "things that go bump in the night". However, having too large a piece in your bedroom, especially near your head, may actually be disruptive to your sleep as raising the vibration in the immediate area can over-stimulate dreaming, or not allow one to even fall asleep in the first place.


No advice given in this blog is meant to replace competent medical advice given from a medical professional. If you are ill, seek professional medical advice. Crystal/mineral therapies are meant as a supplement to, not a replacement for, licensed medical practices. 


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