Jade - A 6000 year affair

July 20, 2018

I have been collecting Chinese Jade for several years, a few of  my pieces are in the photos in this article.


Jade is one of two stones, either Nephrite or Jadeite. Nephrite is found in many places around the world, and has been used by many peoples for millennia – carved into tools, talismans, statues – it has been more valuable than gold and other precious metals in some cultures, and still does. High quality Jade still demands great value to some people in China.

Jadeite comes from Myanmar (formerly Burma) and is actually harder than Nephrite.

Jade can be found in almost every color on the spectrum, from black to blue to green to red to yellow to white, although white jade is usually very, very pale green.

Jade has been carved into talismans and tools for well over 5000 years in China, and elsewhere in the world has been in use for about as long because it is so tough. As the centuries passed, on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, Jade was carved into beautiful statuary, masks, amulets and more as its beauty and depth are incomparable.


Serpentine, Bowenite, and many other stones and minerals are often passed off as Jade, as are minerals with the name Jade in them (Afghan Jade, Dushan Jade, etc.).  None of these are true jade, only Nephrite and Jadeite qualify.


Jade has long been revered in many cultures across the world. It is often used as the ultimate dream stone, connecting one to the Spirit World and releasing negative thoughts and soothing the mind. This connection is superbly illustrated with the ancient Chinese Bi (pronounced bee) which was spoken through as a means to contact the ancestors. Accessing the spirit-world, encourage creativity, dream-work and ritual knowledge are all to be gained from this wonderful stone.

Jade also represents long life and wisdom; it encourages one to see the truth about their self.

Jade's healing properties work in several planes. In the Spiritual Realm it supports happiness and Harmony in family, in work places and relationships, and promotes inner peace when dealing with material things, and provides protection from deceit or harmful entities.

In the Physical Realm, jade promotes abundance and wealth, relaxation and tranquility.

Jade has many healing properties as described below in the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Realms.

Particular aspects and strengths of Jade by color:

Black represents the particular ability to protect by warding off negative physical or psychological assault, especially the negative energies associated with self-defeat.

Blue is about calm, inner peace and reflection. It is very useful for encouraging dreams and visions. The mind is particularly calmed with this color, good for emotions.

Brown is great for staying well-grounded. It strengthens a connection with the earth while imparting comfort and a sense of reliability.

Lavender assists with spiritual support. It heals emotional pain while nourishing spiritually. Lavender jade vibrates at the highest ethereal level.

Orange is all about the joy that can be achieved through connections with all living beings; its energy provides quiet stimulation of the mind.

Purple is focused on the aura. Happiness and mirth are brought about with purple jade while it eliminates negativity and supports a higher level of discernment.

Red has to do with the life force. Use of red jade reduces fears while it encourages action and strengthens the life-force energy.

White brings us in to better focus. White reduces distractions to allow for a better grasp on helpful, relevant information, and improves the decision-making process. (White is usually very, very pale green)

Yellow is all about a cheerful, energetic way of being, enhancing assimilation and discrimination.


No advice given in this blog is meant to replace competent medical advice given from a medical professional. If you are ill, seek professional medical advice. Crystal/mineral therapies are meant as a supplement to, not a replacement for, licensed medical practices. 


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