Shiva Lingam: Vitality & Pranic Energy

March 20, 2018

 Shiva Lingam are basically quartz - a variety of cryptycrystalline quartz, with impurities that give them their beauty and coloring of gray/tan with brown and reddish markings. Occasionally a black Shiva Lingam will occur, but they are less common. Shiva Lingam originate at the holy site of the Narmada river in India. They are tumbled, shaped and polished by the river, and collected with ceremony anually where villagers today finish them by hand polishing. 

Shiva Lingam are associated with #all chakras. The shape is considered a phallic symbol of the Hindu god Shiva, while the markings represent the yoni, so in one piece is represented the union of Shiva and his consort Kali. This further indicates a #balance of the cosmic within one piece and within oneself.

Using the stone to work primarily with the Root (1st) and Sacral (2nd) chakras, Shiva Lingum can be used for #sexual healing, #tantric energy, and raising #Kundulini energy (see note 1). This is because it represents and has such a powerful balancing force of 'yin/yang' or 'male/female' energies within the stones.

Shiva Lingam is also #stone of insight, allowing the user to recognize and let go of that which no longer serves them or which they have outgrown - such as feelings, emotions, etc. 

Physically, Shiva Lingam have been used to #balance fluids of the body, #alleviate back pain, assist with #alignment of the spine, #prostrate disorders, help ease the symptons of #menopause, #infertility, ease #menstrual cramps, and help with #impotence.

The best use for Shiva Lingam - beyond everything mentioned above, is using the stone as a tool for "charging" or #raising ones energies. These stones bring such a balance of energies together that they simply raise the vibration of the user - bringing a nice pulse of energy up through the chakras and out through the aura with little effort.

When the user actually tries - that is meditates or concentrates on using the Shiva Lingam - the results can be phenomanal, and the user can raise their vibration quite high as a result.


(note 1) The term 'Kundulini' gets bantered around quite frequently without people really understanding just how powerful this specific coil of energy can be, and I am relectant to use it - even here. The inexperienced person, even the advanced metaphysician, who one day has a full on kundulini experience would probably not be prepared for it, especially here in 'the west', where the behavior exhibited by such an action happening would more than likely result in the individual being placed under a psychiatric watch. Just my opinion, but I read a lot...


No advice given in this blog is meant to replace competent medical advice given from a medical professional. If you are ill, seek professional medical advice. Crystal/mineral therapies are meant as a supplement to, not a replacement for, licensed medical practices. 


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