Bumblebee 'Jasper'

May 26, 2018

 Bumblebee Jasper is a colorful fibrous calcite found at Mount Papandayan, West Java, Indonesia. It is not a true jasper as it contains no quartz. The orange and yellow colors are mainly caused by finely dispersed realgar, the black stain is caused by pyrite. (Volcanic Matter / Hematite / Pyrite / Sulfur). What this means to you, before we get into the metaphysical aspects: This stone may contain sulfur, and/or arsenic or other heavy metals and volcanic ash. General, gentle handling will not harm you, but care must be taken that the stone is kept away from small children who may place it in their mouths - and you must never use this stone for an infusion. You should wash your hands after handling. This stone is physically toxic.

Resonating strongly with the 2nd and 3rd Chakras, this stone can help a person manifest their #creativity and #inspiration, bringing passion to projects and ideas. This stone #stimulates the mental process, allowing expression of thoughts and #artistic creation.
By energizing the mental chakras, courage, assertiveness, endurance and concentration may all be increased. One may allow the #letting go of fears, and focus on what they feel is important, thereby #enhancing self-confidence and even gaining a sense of adventure.
As this stone is forged from volcanic beginnings, it has a good connection to the earth for grounding one mentally and emotionally, allowing clarity in decision making, helping to ease stress and worry, and healing emotional problems.
As a healing stone - the energy of this stone is good for problems with the gut and organs related to the sacral and naval chakras. Remember, the stone itself may be toxic.
Note - you can get sealed stones, or you may seal them yourself by using a commercial product for sealing tile or waterproofing.



No advice given in this blog is meant to replace competent medical advice given from a medical professional. If you are ill, seek professional medical advice. Crystal/mineral therapies are meant as a supplement to, not a replacement for, licensed medical practices. 



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